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If your tech can’t scale, neither can your business

What Does Good Customer Service Look Like in 2023?

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Why Choosing the right provider is critical to business growth 

If you’re an ambitious letting agency business wanting to scale, then your technology needs to be able to support your ambitions, not hinder them! Adopting a new tech platform is always going to be a significant undertaking, so how can you make sure that you don't just find the right provider but also a “forever home” in your software solution? 

With that in mind, let’s explore the considerations agencies need to factor in when choosing their tech provider: 


One size doesn’t fit all 

Every business is unique. How will your tech provider take account of your agency’s business process quirks? And how able is it to adapt to changing needs in the future?

Our approach is to customise every installation to our clients’ needs, which we discover by creating a joint project team with our clients to truly understand how the business operates, to make improvements to processes and to ensure that the tech is future-proof. 


Scalability is crucial 

Every lettings agency business needs scalability to cope with an ever-increasing customer base that’s also increasingly demanding. Lettings agencies also need to have a handle on the huge amount of data that comes their way these days, both in terms of keeping it secure and in using it effectively to enhance strategic decision-making.  


Flexibility supports growth 

One thing’s for sure, the market never stands still. We know that more regulation is coming on top of the raft of measures implemented in the past decade. Investing in the right software is key to making sure that your business enjoys better performance with fewer expenses, leading to improved productivity and more conversions.

As you grow and the industry changes, your software needs to support you through acquisitions and regulatory shifts, adapting as you do. 


It's all about the people 

It might sound counter-intuitive, but we always say that PropCo is all about solving human business problems. Our tech is designed to integrate teams throughout your business, alongside you recruiting the right people for your business.

This creates the ideal environment for giving your customers an outstanding experience while also ensuring that processes are streamlined and standardised for a tidal wave of efficiencies at every step of the lettings lifecycle.

Automation is maximised, enabling your people to do what they do best – focusing on growth and building strong, long-term customer relationships. An added bonus is that getting the right technology allows you to scale dramatically without adding to your carbon footprint.  


Partnership is key 

Your tech provider needs to be more than a team that’s great at software. An in-depth knowledge of the lettings sector – and its challenges and opportunities – is key. Taking a partnership approach with your tech provider yields huge benefits for lettings agencies.

When your tech partner is a team of industry experts, who are constantly scanning the horizon to help you stay ahead of the curve, that’s a game changer. They help you to turn your data into actionable information that enhances your decision-making at every step and helps you to stay relevant in the industry. 


Look for a great track record 

If you’re entrusting your agency’s precious data and support for future growth to a new tech provider, you need to be certain that they will be around for the long-term. To give the best chance of choosing a provider that will be here for you today and tomorrow, you need to look for a company with a great track record, that’s been in the industry for a while.

With over 25 years in the industry, PropCo’s developers, Technology Blueprint (TBL), continue to work at the forefront of UK PropTech for the benefit of their clients. Since TBL has recently joined the Volaris Group family, a company synonymous with supporting businesses to grow for the long-term, we have found our forever home. Which puts us in an even better position to be your agency’s forever home software provider.  

When your tech provider has a great understanding of the industry and is truly able to scale with you, the benefits are impossible to underestimate. But get it wrong and you risk having your growth restricted, not to mention needing to find the time to re-assess and implement another solution, probably far sooner than you expected. It makes absolute sense to ensure that if you’re changing your tech, your lettings business finds its “forever home” software.